• Multi Floor Cart Type

Multi Floor Cart Type (SWCT-System)

  • Can be freely extended depending on underground space scale, applied to a scale of 20 vehicles to tens of vehicles, especially for a large-scale facility.
  • Its transport is operated by an individual operation of each floor cart and lift, allowing for fast storing and releasing.
  • A built-in turntable enables fast advance, storing and releasing.
  • A built-in turntable enables facilitates easy advance, storing and releasing.
  • Since the integrated management through the computer or the touch screen is possible, the total operation can be seen at a glance and thus is very convenient.

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                                           Standard type                                                                                            Back-to-back type


                             Standard - Cart turning type                                                                               Standard - Center Lift type


                   Longitudinal Lower drive-in type                                                                                        Parallel type