• Vertical Type

Vertical Type (SWV-System)

  • Since parking 60 or more vehicles on an area for parking “just” three cars are available, we maximize space utilization efficiency.
  • A lifting speed of up to speed 90m/min. shortens our operation time for storing and releasing a vehicle.
  • By mounting a turntable for advance, storing and releasing, even a beginner can easily park and release a vehicle, allowing you to select the position of an exit, depending on site conditions.
  • Depending on a building type, transverse-type, column-type,
    embedding-type, or standalone-tower-type installation is possible. Given an accessing method, each lower, middle and upper section can be freely chosen.

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                  Stand-alone - Bottom drive-in type                                                                             Built-in - Bottom drive-in type


                  Stand-alone-Middle drive-in type                                                                               Built-in-Middle drive-in type


               Stand-alone - Double Pallet V4 - in type                                                                        Stand-alone - Middle Drive V6 - in type