Shin Woo UBiCos

Shin Woo UBiCos will make the prestige of your building appreciated.

We provide customer satisfying service based on various parking facility management experience and patented technology.
We will keep customers’ parking facilities in the best condition through systematic management and quick after service.

Contact Information: +82-2-2257-8500

 Maintenance by skilled technical staff
  • 1. Maintenance by skilled technical staff
  • 2. Future-type computer maintenance program
  • 3. Employees’ personal equipment, such as laptops, digital cameras
  • 4. In-house safety education, Character Education
  • 5. Global Services for 24-hour customer inconveniences
Signing a maintenance contract
  • 1. Signing a maintenance contract
  • 2. Duty-transfer inspection of all parking facilities
  • 3. Mechanical Maintenance Report will be submitted after identifying a parking facility status
  • 4. Periodic scrutiny inspections on the mechanical and electrical states will be carried out once a month

The types of maintenance contracts

Check during Suspension of the Service

– Maintains a parking facility for possible future use of the facility that is now under suspension of the service.

Periodic Maintenance

– Management Rights and Responsibilities: a building owner
– Suitable for simple conservation management of parking facilities
– Monthly maintenance and counter measures to a possible failure / a yearly contract
– Monthly inspection fee + additional costs (construction cost, parts replacement cost, etc.)

Comprehensive Maintenance

– 5-year contract
– Including required periodic inspection costs
– Entrusting parking facility management rights and responsibilities
– Seamless plant operation + a clear limit in disclaimer
– No additional irregular expenses
(such as construction cost, parts replacement cost, etc.)

Consigned management and operation

– Comprehensive Maintenance + Operation Right
– Human Resources Management + Complaint Treatment
– Optimal Maintenance and Safe Operation Conditions
– Convergence of stable compensation
– Effective Budget Management
(including General Maintenance + Administrative Expenses + Labor Cost + Insurance Cost+ Various Customer Claim Costs)