Shin Woo UBiCos

Leading Technology and Know-How

Shin Woo UBiCos has been consistently pursuing the development of best product through ceaseless research process,
and that is how the Shin Woo UBiCos caring customers again and again at customer standpoint is able to enjoy the confidence of customers.

About CI

perfect mechanical parking system

Our CI, a symbol that represents the image of Shin Woo UBiCos, is concisely and neatly designed to take advantage of the letter “S” and “W” from Shin Woo Ubicos in order to have its name easily recognized and kept in the minds of the public. A red color in Shin Woo UBiCos represents the passion and revolution, thus capturing the passion and commitment of Shin Woo UBiCos, which always provide our customers with the best products and the best service in its sweating endeavor.

Korean, English Combination

Korean, English mixed combinations

About BI

Shin Woo BI logo is motivated from silhouette of city’ s sky-scrapers & Parking system. Shin Woo UBICos always provides convenient secure and speedy parking for the customer’ s convenience.

perfect mechanical parking system