Shin Woo UBiCos

Shin Woo UBiCos

Leading Technology and Know-How

Shin Woo UBiCos has been consistently pursuing the development of best product through ceaseless research process,
and that is how the Shin Woo UBiCos caring customers again and again at customer standpoint is able to enjoy the confidence of customers.


2016 04 2016 Excellent Small Business Enterprise
03 Registered as an manufacturers or importer s of elevators
02 Registered Yeongdeungpo factory
2015 08 Achieved Venture Company
07 Achieved INNO-BIZ – No.150101-01066
06 Appointment of Gazelles Company Export Capacity Building Project – No.2015-71
03 ISO 14001 Certification
2014 08 Elevator Installation Business Registration – Youngdeungpo 14-22-01
07 R&D Center established- No201411362
04 Patent obtained (Floor tile remover)- No10-1383136
2013 12 Manufacturing Factory registration (Kimpo City)
03 Elevator type parking equipment exported to China
03 MAIN-BIZ Certification obtained
2012 04 Joined Trade Association
2011 10 Overseas business expansion
2009 12 Registration of CCK (8th US Army e-procurement company)
2008 08 Seoul Elevator Maintenance Business registration – No 10-420
2007 11 Parking Equipment Maintenance Services registered – Yeongdeungpo No. 19
06 Korea Software Industry Association membership certification
2006 03 ISO 9001 Certification
2005 03 Manufacturing factory registration – Ilsan-ku Koyang City
2004 12 Switched into Shinwoo Ubicos Corporate
12 Parking Equipment Maintenance Services registered – Yongsan-ku No 01
2002 06 Shinwoo ENC established

Company Overview

Company form Corporation
Company Name Shin Woo UBiCos
Chartered 2002.06
CEO Heo Jeongho
Technology No. 1 quality domestic scenes
Available in construction Domestic, Global

Business scope

Mechanical Parking System / Elevator /
MOVING SYSTEM production, construction
Mechanical, electrical, automation, maintenance
Mechanical engineering, construction

Business section

Plant Information
Strategy & Development, MES
Manufacture and related construction of electrical equipment and instrumentation

mechanical parking facilities